Beyond Black Rock

Beyond Black Rock

By Damon Brown

2004 | 110 mins

A behind-the-scenes look at Burning Man, this film explores the philosophy, the tireless efforts and people who drive it, and the transcendent experience which makes it a worldwide cultural force. Beyond Black Rock is the first documentary to fully chronicle the planning and preparation required to conduct the Burning Man festival on an annual basis, and how this commitment serves as a binding force for a worldwide, year-round community.

Beyond Black Rock profiles the various departments involved producing the event. It also follows several artists as they take their projects from concept to completion, exploring the unique philosophy of  “temporary art” and the significant hurdles in creating, transporting and sharing the hundreds of art projects that adorn the playa and contribute to the cultural tapestry of Black Rock City.

This first-ever authorized documentary goes behind the scenes for an authentic peek at the inner workings of Burning Man from the inside out. Beyond Black Rock explores the philosophy that fuels this unique social revolution and the tireless organizers, artists and participants whose efforts create and nurture a cultural force.

Beyond Black Rock features artists David Best, Bob “Wizzard” Marziewski, Rafael Santiago, and many theme camps, performers, Burning Man staff and volunteers.