Profiles In Dust

Profiles In Dust

By Profiles in Dust Team

2012 | 32 mins

In 2011, a small group of Burning Man video producers chose to collaborate as part of a public relations gift initiative. Together they began to shoot and produce documentaries of selected art projects. The intent was to give artists and their installations some needed attention by showcasing their work, their teams, and their dreams. Their first video was “Everyone’s an Artist” (19 mins).

In 2012, the group returned to document Regional artists who participated in nearly a dozen CORE (Circle Of Regional Effigies) Projects. “Burnt to the CORE” (13 mins) was the result, and the group became Profiles In Dust, a collaborative team who produce an ongoing series of shorts on the artists, attendees, and volunteers of Burning Man.

See more in the series on Vimeo.