Journey to the Flames

Journey To The Flames

By Doug Jacobson

2006 | 82 mins

Journey to the Flames follows a group of friends on their multiple voyages to Black Rock City over numerous years. Footage includes last minute shopping in Reno for supplies, and construction of The Petting Zoo, their theme camp.

Offering wise-cracks and philosophical insight, Director Doug Jacobson and campmates take us on a journey of civic participation and radical self-expression, while revealing their detailed perspectives of Burning Man, Black Rock City, community, volunteerism, and the changing annual art themes.

This film is a great introduction to Burning Man for newcomers and first-timers. It includes interviews with Larry Harvey, Harley K. Dubois, Will Roger, and Danger Ranger, and includes breathtaking shots of playa art, costumes, mobile art, flame effects and fire dancing. Contains adult content.