Tranformoney 2.0

Tranformoney 2.0

By Dadara, Daniel Nogueira

2013 | 21 mins

Almost everybody uses money every single day of our lives.  Yet we never seem to question what money is, how it works, and how it maybe might work in another way. Transformoney 2.0 is a documentary short which explores people and their thoughts or ideas about money.

Isn’t money, after all, just a tool?  The Transformoney Tree is a project by artist Dadara which questions the value of Money. It was built in 2012 at the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert, where money does not exist for an entire week, and participants were asked to glue money onto the tree and turn it into art.

What happens when you turn Money into Art?
And then glue it onto a Tree?
Will it make you question the Value of Money?
Will you start thinking about what money really is?
What is it in our Lives that really has value?
Is it Money?
Or is it something else?